Friday, August 04, 2006

bass fishing : The Big Bass Fishing Secret

The biggest Bass fishing secret is that there isn't a real Bass fishing secret at all, there is no secret to catching Bass, no more than there is a secret to catching fish of any type.

Having said that there are certain things which you can do to help himself catch more Bass. Perhaps the most important thing is to set out to catch just one kind of Bass, as I'm sure you know there are several different varieties for instance the Small Mouth Bass, the White Bass, the Large Mouth Bass, and many more. Having decided which particular type of Bass you are trying to catch you can then decide on the appropriate bait and tackle.

In this short article I will deal with catching Large Mouth Bass but the principles discussed apply to any type of Bass,the important thing in trying to catch Large Mouth Bass or any other type of Bass for that matter is to know what their natural prey is. The nice thing about the Large Mouth Bass is it will take almost anything that is floating on the water from flies right up to small birds and chicks.

The thing you have to decide is whether you're going to use live bait or artificial, if you decide to use artificial I have found a correctly used jig and pig combination produces very good results but you do have to give it a far try out. With Bass fishing bait local knowledge is very important and even though some fishermen like to keep these things secret it is surprising what you can learn by listening carefully when other fishermen are talking.

The next important thing to decide is where to go fishing for your Bass, in the case of Large Mouth Bass there is a very wide choice, as you will find this fish in both rivers or lakes, they are usually found quite close to shore, hiding under low foliage perhaps or near rocks waiting for suitable prey. If you decide to try the jig and pig bait, it will work well in both these situations.

The Large Mouth Bass can be fished for at most times of the year, but fall does seem to be the best time because the fish are busy building up reserves for winter and so will take any bait they can.

I suppose the true Bass fishing secret is to acquire experience of fishing in your area and to enjoy yourself while you are acquiring that experience.

By Roger Overanout


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