Tuesday, August 01, 2006

bass fishing : Good sport for juniors and veterans

ANGLING: The Bathampton junior carp match. Sponsored by Veals Tackle, was a huge success, with 101 carp being caught by the 22 youngsters taking part at Withy Pool.

The ten-hour match, fished in searing heat, was won by 15-year-old Luke Fotherwill, of Bath, with a 15 fish catch weighing 102lb 5oz. He took his fish on legered sweetcorn fished over pellets to take mirrors to 16lb 5oz, which also won the big fish prize.

Fourteen-year old Ben Zanuddin, from Bristol, took second prize with a catch of 12 carp, topped by a 16lb 4oz mirror, totalling 90lb 12oz, taken alternating with legered plastic sweetcorn and shrimp boilies.

Joe Jones, aged 12 and from Keynsham, was third with nine carp weighing 81lb 7oz, taken alternating with legered boilies and plastic sweetcorn.

Other placings: 4 Dab Jones, Keynsham, 76lb 8oz; 5 Nick Jerome, Keynsham, 72lb 6oz; 6 Olly Andrews, Keynsham, 66lb 15oz.

The Bathampton over 55s-disabled match fished at Withy Pool again produced excellent sport.

Saltford veteran Tom Coulson carried off top prize with a carp catch weighing 89lb 3oz, taken on waggler-fished pellets. Bob Price, from Bristol, was second with a carp catch weighing 72lb 11oz, taken alternating with pole-fished sweetcorn and pellets.

Brian Sheppard, from Bristol, took third prize with a mixed catch of carp and bream weighing 52lb 4oz, taken on pole-fished sweetcorn. He also took the prize for the top silver fish catch weighing 30lb 6oz.
bass fishing
Other placings: 4 Chris Snow, Bristol, 40lb; 5 Pete Powe, Bristol, 39lb; 6 Bob Warren, Oldland, 35lb 4oz.

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