Friday, October 31, 2008

Skill and technique plays very important parts in bass fishing.

During summer and in the afternoon time my friend who had a fishing boat will invited my friend and I to go bass fishing as it was the best time and the best season. During this time when the water is warm the fish will come out for their bait and you will surely go home with some fish in your hand.

Fishing equipment play some part in bass fishing but skill and technique plays very important parts in bass fishing. Knowing the area where you expected to had more catch, the water and the seasons. If you are beginners in bass fishing my advise for you is to joint clubs and knows people who are very skilled in bass fishing. Bass fishing is quite an expensive hobby but a very exciting hobby and every year there had a fishing competition on.


Friday, June 27, 2008

When out doing bass fishing take it as a sports

If you are a beginners it is best to follow some one to guild and teach you the knowledge of fishing. If you follow someone who is professional in fishing you will find it fun and definate enjoy great fishing trips. When I first learned go bass fishing, the first things that my friends teach me is the equipment. Equipment plays a important role in bass fishing. Choosing the right size of sturdy rod and reel including the line if you want to catch the right size of bass. It is hard and difficult to catch more then a ten pound of largemouth with a five pound mono.

Second things I learned is the weather as bass fishing has it peak time and it was during this weather time around the middle of spring and in the beginning of summer. The best time of bass fishing are in the afternoon and late in the evening where the water is warm and is the time the fish comes out to eat their baits and also at this time it attracted many big fish.

When out doing bass fishing take it as a sports
, and you won't feel disappointment if you don't get a catch. keep learning the skilled of bass fishing, you will enjoy bass fishing everytime out.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

getting the right lure when bass fishing

When bass fishing lets face some facts thats its take skill and knowledge in bass fishing. Choosing the right bass fishing lure, to catch the right bass at the right time requires a lots of experience and it quite to do for amateur person. With hundreds of difference and color lures to choose the right lures to do bass fishing needs many years of fishing and learning.

Sometimes a very experience bass fishing person might used the wrong bass lure to do their bass fishing. A wrong calculation might cost him the bass or the price winning contest. For a experience bass fishing person their will used more rods to fish or get ready more rods for their fishing trips. For instance using spinnerbaits is quite easy and a fast ways to do your bass fishing as its cover different depths of water. Crankbaits it might not be that fast then spinnerbaits but it is another fast and easy to do bass fishing.

If luck is not very good on that day, change to another lure till you get the right lure when doing your bass fishing or change your fishing spots to another spots as the water might not be right at that time.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Bass fishing has been become a favorite sports

Bass fishing has been become a favorite sports to many people because of its bass fishing tournaments held every years. Price money is one of the main attraction to the tournaments and besides there are many bass fishing tournaments show on the television which attracted many people to the sports. More and more people started to join bass fishing clubs just to get tips and information abouts bass fishing technique, some joined as a hobby while others joined for the tournaments or to knows more people.

Bass fishing has its peak time and it was during middle or late spring and in the mid afternoon through the late evening where at this time the water warm which attracted many fish to the water. If you are a newcomers you won't get wrong as you will notice many fisherman in small and big boats doing their bass fishing. Just drive your boat to the lake and drop your lines in the water, very soon you will have a good catch. Joined the old timers when out for bass fishing if you are a beginners because you will find it more enjoyable as you will learn many skills about bass fishing from them.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fishing can be a hobby and a sports

Fishing can be a hobby and a sports, to me is a sports and a hobby. Whenever I am free I will go out with friends and family to have bass fishing and during bass fishing compitition I will in. In bass fishing all you had to know is some basis skill. In bass fishing what you had to know is the depth of the water and the temperature as big fish like to stay in shallow area which is near to water of deeper depths and area where there can finds alots of food. Big bass like to swim and in groups.

Learning the style and behavior of fish in the water is an add to become a successful bass fishing. The rods, reels, lines and lures will vary depending on the environment you are doing your bass fishing. The right time of places to do your bass fishing as temperatures changes. Lastly you need some skill level to catch big bass.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Bass fishing in Lke Fork

Bass fishing is a of a best form of past time and a hobby in country like USA. I remmember Lake Fork is a very good destination for bass fishing. January to March is the best season to fish as claim by many proffectional amd amateaur. It the best time to catch the monster bass as the bass are in pre-spawn mode and are moving up to the shallows.

Lake Fork offers the best bass fishing because the structure of this lake gives a prefect enviroment for bass. The main food source for bass on lake fork is gizzard shad, perch (sunfish), craw fish and smaller bass. If you are bass fishing in Lake Fork you had to follow the regulation for example all bass has to be released into the water if you catch the bass between 16 to 24 inches long. A limit of less than 5 bass is allowed to keep. It was known that during the early 1980 the state released about 700,000. Every year there is a contest of bass fishing in USA>


Friday, July 13, 2007

Bass fishing a hobby and a pastime

Bass fishing is one of the many popular sports enjoy by human being. The sports are very famous in America whereby two majoy bass fishing competition is held annualy in the United States and this compitition its now spread to other countries like Japan, Australian, south Africa countries and some small Asian countries like Malaysian.

In Penang there is a compitition on bass fishing last week end which attracted over two hundred anglers who took parts in the bass fishing compition where price money was given to the champion, runners up, the third palacing and six consulation. The compitition is about who caught the heaviest catch and eventually was won by a veteran angle. I joined in the compitition as a hobby and a pastime.