Thursday, July 27, 2006

Revealed Bass Fishing Secrets

Why is it that so many fishermen are so secretive? Whether they’re bass fisherman, fly fisherman, or trout fisherman, it’s always the same, they’re just keeping all the secrets between them and they’re friends. They very rarely reveal any of their little dirty fishing secrets to anyone else. For years, I was literally out on my little aluminum boat probably developing skin cancer from being out on the lake so long and not catching anything except one fish if I were lucky.

Fishing isn’t easy! At least that’s what I thought during all my fishing trips the past ten or so years. Only recently did I discover I was doing just about everything wrong. About a year ago I came across a fellow who knew just about every bass fishing secret there was in the book. He was a true pro to bass fishing.

I met this fellow while cruising around my favorite fishing lake in Florida. We noticed each other when we saw we had almost identical Alumacraft boats. We had the same red stripe on the side and everything. What a day it was. It was a day which took my little fishing hobby to a whole new level.

Besides trading stories about our little boats, we talked about bass fishing, and how the lake we were on was easy to fish on. There are bass fish just about everywhere in this lake. Shockingly, he told me that the lake we were on had only small amounts of large bass. He only fished here for catching and releasing fish when he wasn’t out competing in and winning fishing tournaments. I was in shock. I didn’t even want to believe what he was saying! Was I really fishing in the darn lake catching small fish? I thought a five pound bass was a great size for dinner for me and my wife! Okay, so he was only joking. He then told me that during this specific time of day was when there were only smaller fish out and about. The bigger fish come out when… oh, wait it’s a secret!

Anyway, meeting this pro was a life changing event. For the wrest of the day on the lake he revealed secret after secret to me. This guy happened to have just about every type of fishing lure you could imagine. I had quiet a collection myself. The weird thing was that he only used about three types of lures, in only a few different colors. These were specifically for bass fishing. This guy really had it down. He had been catching so many fish in his free time he already had found his own secret lures that were guaranteed to catch a bass. These were lures you could buy at any fishing shop, nothing that wasn’t available to the public. By Aaron Brandon


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