Friday, August 04, 2006

bass fishing : Six Strategies for a Good Day's Fishing: Largemouth Bass

The beginner fisherman [or woman] will often ply the more experienced with questions on how to land a fish and why everyone else is on fire, and they are not. Some of us prefer to keep our ignorance of the basics hidden. So, with that in mind, I set about learning a few strategies on how to get a Largemouth Bass out of the water and into my catch bucket.

1. Largemouth Bass like plastic worms. Purchase a variety of colours from clear to bright and in varying shades. If they don't seem to be biting on one colour then switch for something lighter, and if they're still not biting, go for a worm darker than your original. Generally, it will depend on the color of the water, time of day and temperature. Look around you too, if other people's lines have also gone cold, or you're alone, it's a good bet that you need to pack up your fishing gear and plan another trip.

2. Look for man-made or natural structures such as jetty pylons, treefall and rock formations. Largemouth Bass also like lots of weed so keep your eye out for a variety of spots and remember where they are.

3. Largemouth Bass like baitfish. Herons like baitfish too. Look out for flocks of birds diving. Quite often where you find one you'll find the other, but try to catch fish, not birds.

4. Shhhhhhh… Largemouth Bass like it quiet. Find an area away from frenzied activity [road or boat traffic, people talking/playing, etc] or fish at dawn before activities begin. Be aware though that some activity can be a bonus as the wake from passing boats can wash out baitfish from their hiding places in the rocks and, therefore, attract the bass right to you.

5. You've found quiet waters with some structure, you've got the best collection of lures in the country, you've varied your times and suited your lures to the water colour and they're still not biting? Take a look at the depth of the water, and another one at your tackle box. Largemouth Bass fishing like deep water and shallow. Keep a variety of deep-diving lures and surface lures handy as well as all the pretty colors.

6. Largemouth Bass are cool and that's the way they like their water too. Fish early in the day if possible. If the sun is high, aim for shaded areas.

To catch a Largemouth Bass Light tackle with fast-retrieving lures is usually the best, and remember, once the fish is landed, the best method of preparation for cooking is to ice immediately. Now all you need to do is hunt down some great recipes and remember all your "the one that got away" stories to share with family and friends.

Happy fishing, and don't forget to take pictures of your soon-to-be prize-winning catches.

By Trish Anderson


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