Friday, August 04, 2006

bass fishing : Learn How to Be a Professional Bass Angler

If you enjoy fishing, you’ve probably seen at least one fishing show on television. Have you ever thought, “I would love to have that person’s job, fishing all day”? Well, put some more thought into that idea and you could become a professional bass fisherman/woman!

First things first: if you think that all you need is lots of cash to spend on fancy boats and tackle, you’re headed in the wrong direction. Bass fishing is like any sport – it takes dedication, patience, practice, and skill. If you know someone who seems to know what it takes to catch that beautiful bass, go and visit them! Get as much information out of them that you can, and write it down. During your spare time, get out on the water in a boat, a canoe, or a rubber raft, whatever you have, and try out some of the methods or suggestions they gave you.

You can also research bass fishing information on the Internet or at a library. There are many books on the subject, and there are also magazines you can subscribe to. The most important thing is to practice what you read. If you’ve tried ten different lures and none of them work, keep asking around – eventually you will hit on something that really works to lure those fish in!

Are there any fishing competitions in your area of the country? Make sure to take part in them; nothing helps you hone your skill like a little competition. Plus, you never know who might be at a competition – there could be someone from a local television network or outdoors company looking for a person with your skill at reeling in the bass.

Whether you land a job as a professional bass angler or not, you should always like what you’re doing. If you’re trying so hard to be the best angler in the world that you don’t even enjoy fishing, you should take a step back and take the time to enjoy fishing again. With patience, practice and some tips and secrets from other anglers, you’ll be reeling beautiful bass into your boat and feeling glad that you took the time to learn this excellent sport.

By Lorraine Weston


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