Friday, August 18, 2006

bass fishing : Effective Bass Fishing Tips

If you want to be better at bass fishing, then there are some critical factors that you should be aware of. Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports in America, Canada, and many other countries. As a result, the competition is very intense, and to gain a true advantage, you have to know your fish, their habitat, and your equipment inside out.

Bass is treated as a "sports" fish rather than a meal, although its quite healthy and edible. During tournaments, bass are caught and weighed before being thrown back in the water. There's even a holding tank that is used for providing medical treatment to the bass, if needed.

To become successful at bass fishing, there are a variety of things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, the biology and behavior of the fish are extremely critical factors. Different environments and water temperatures have varying affects on the way that bass behave, influencing your methodology and techniques in different ways.

If you are fishing in very cold or very warm temperatures, then the bass won't be as healthy or plentiful, but at the same time, catching them will be much easier due to their physical weakness. On the other hand, moderate temperatures are prime environments in which bass flourish, giving them the physical strength to fight being caught.

Typically, bass like to hang out in covered, sheltered areas where they can prey on smaller fish. Knowing this piece of information can help you identify areas where bass are present, as well as the types of lures you should be using.

The second critical factor for successful bass fishing, besides the biology and habitat, is your equipments. Your rods, reels, lines and lures will vary depending on the environment, the nature of the particular bass fish, and your skill level.

Expertise in fishing maps and electronic fish finders can give you a distinct advantage over the competition. More often than not, the first couple of spots you decide to fish in might not produce good results. It is very usual for anglers to move around during fishing tournaments, and if you're handy with the map, then you can quickly locate a better fishing spot before the competition can.

A backdoor trick you can use to quickly learn about a particular fishing area is to visit the local angler stores. As fishing enthusiasts, the owners can give you valuable tips and advice that can give you a head-start.

Outside of tournaments, there are many recreational anglers that would love to share their knowledge with you, especially if you make them feel like the "teacher" and portray yourself as the "student". Hobbyists love nothing more than to be proclaimed as experts in their field.

Online, there are a variety of forums, chat-groups, discussion lists, and e-mail newsletters where you can meet anglers world-wide and share ideas. Consider becoming a moderator at a forum so you can always be the first to receive valuable fishing info.

Although this is a basic article, the tips covered can be explored in further depth. Remember, the number one rule of success is to humble yourself and become a student and observer of fishing.

By Areeb Khatib


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