Thursday, September 21, 2006

fall bass fishing

When it comes to fall bass fishing, there are many key elements to the lake conditions that allow for the bass to be readily available. First and foremost one of the most prominent changes would have to be the temperature of the water when it comes to fall fishing. The temperature of the water in the fall can drop quite drastically lending to more oxygen in the water itself. When this happens in fall fishing season, you will find more bass schooled together resulting in far more hits on your line.

When the temperature in the lake drops, the activity of the bass increases, making fall fishing an ideal time to cast and a better chance of landing the big catch. Fall bass fishing allows for the angler to receive more hits on their line as during this time period bass will more often than not strike at just about anything that looks like a meal. When it comes to fall fishing, you must keep in mind that due to the cooler temperatures in the lake, the bass will be far more active and will feed more often. We all know during the summer when the water gets hot, bass are less likely to be in the shallows except in the early morning and toward evening. The same isn’t true in the fall. Once the water temperatures drop, the bass can be in shallow water any time of day. This makes for a little easier fishing.

There's no doubt that bass fishing can be very enjoyable and fascinating.


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