Thursday, August 31, 2006

bass fishing : Janousek and Johnson Win International Falls Bass Fishing Tournament

John Janousek of Nisswa, Minnesota and Chad Johnson of Rogers, Minnesota clinched the top spot at the 2nd Annual International Falls Bass Fishing Championship today. Janousek and Johnson delivered two consistent days of fishing. The duo brought in a record breaking combined weight of 30.75 pounds for the tournament. The two anglers have been fishing together for the past ten years.
"I think it was a combination of perseverance and experience," said Janousek. "We knew coming into the competition this morning we had a good shot at it, but everybody here could win." Janousek and Johnson have won a number of tournaments on Rainy Lake. Johnson commented he fished a total of 20 days on Rainy Lake so far this year.
Canadians Dale Labelle of Devlin, Ontario and Karl Howells of Fort Francis broke the bag record with a combined weight today of 17.01 pounds today. The two anglers sat in the leader position for most of the afternoon until Janousek and Johnson weighed in. "Today was Karl's day to shine," said Labelle, who added Howells brought in the majority of the fish today. Labelle and Howells ended up in second place with a combined weight for the tournament of 28.57 pounds.
The event weigh-in was completed before a packed house in Smokey Bear Park in International Falls. Announcer Chip Leer was enthusiastic about the turnout. "People are finding out about the quality of fish we've got up here, both on the lake and on the river," Leer said. "It was a day of records, from the biggest bag today to the biggest bass yesterday." Leer was referring to the 4.91 pound bass caught yesterday.
"We are ecstatic," said Tournament President Gary Potter when asked for his opinion of the event. "The level of community involvement has been second to none." Potter mentioned plans were already underway for next year's event.
Fishing for the first time on Rainy Lake, Ross Taylor of Burnsville and Brent Carlson of Brainerd ended with a combined weight of 23.29 after a disappointing first day. "We just had no experience on the lake and on the river," said Taylor, considered by many in bass fishing circles to be a rising star in the sport. "We had much better luck on the river today."

By Bonnie Harris