Friday, June 27, 2008

When out doing bass fishing take it as a sports

If you are a beginners it is best to follow some one to guild and teach you the knowledge of fishing. If you follow someone who is professional in fishing you will find it fun and definate enjoy great fishing trips. When I first learned go bass fishing, the first things that my friends teach me is the equipment. Equipment plays a important role in bass fishing. Choosing the right size of sturdy rod and reel including the line if you want to catch the right size of bass. It is hard and difficult to catch more then a ten pound of largemouth with a five pound mono.

Second things I learned is the weather as bass fishing has it peak time and it was during this weather time around the middle of spring and in the beginning of summer. The best time of bass fishing are in the afternoon and late in the evening where the water is warm and is the time the fish comes out to eat their baits and also at this time it attracted many big fish.

When out doing bass fishing take it as a sports
, and you won't feel disappointment if you don't get a catch. keep learning the skilled of bass fishing, you will enjoy bass fishing everytime out.