Friday, August 24, 2007

Bass fishing in Lke Fork

Bass fishing is a of a best form of past time and a hobby in country like USA. I remmember Lake Fork is a very good destination for bass fishing. January to March is the best season to fish as claim by many proffectional amd amateaur. It the best time to catch the monster bass as the bass are in pre-spawn mode and are moving up to the shallows.

Lake Fork offers the best bass fishing because the structure of this lake gives a prefect enviroment for bass. The main food source for bass on lake fork is gizzard shad, perch (sunfish), craw fish and smaller bass. If you are bass fishing in Lake Fork you had to follow the regulation for example all bass has to be released into the water if you catch the bass between 16 to 24 inches long. A limit of less than 5 bass is allowed to keep. It was known that during the early 1980 the state released about 700,000. Every year there is a contest of bass fishing in USA>